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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I join Interact?2018-11-27T23:58:16-07:00

Interact opens doors to a global network that facilitates action towards lasting change, surrounded and supported by Interacts that carry your same passion for service. Interactors are given the opportunities to grow in leadership, develop a global understanding of current issues, and nurture lifelong friendships. Additionally, Interactors gain valuable knowledge by working closely with Rotarians. Take the first step in your Interact journey with excitement and pride — you are already creating change in the world, community, and yourself!

Who sponsors Interact?2018-11-28T00:01:40-07:00

Interact is sponsored by Rotary International. Each individual Interact club is sponsored by a local Rotary club. To find your Interact club’s partnered Rotary club, please click on [“Clubs”] and find your club under the Club directory.

How long has District 5160 been around?2018-11-28T00:02:16-07:00

Interact District 5160 was established in 2001.

How old do I have to be to join District Council?2018-10-14T00:25:16-07:00

You can apply once you enter high school. Most of the time, sophomores, juniors and seniors join District Council after maintaining active membership for at least a year of Interact in high school.

What is a District event?2018-11-28T00:03:40-07:00

District events are hosted by Interact 5160’s District Council with the purpose of bringing Interact members and clubs together and forging new connections with one another. Every year, we host four main events, starting with Kick-Off, District Conference, Winter Retreat, and closing off the year with Bay Cruise. We encourage Interactors to attend all District events to get the most out of their high school Interact experience.

Please click on the [“Events”] tab to learn more and register for the above events.

What past events has the District offered?2018-11-28T00:05:31-07:00

Warriors End Polio Night was a Golden State Warriors Game fundraiser that brought awareness for Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign. In previous events, the fundraiser has raised over $60,000 for End Polio Now. This event is now coordinated by Rotary District 5160.

Winter Retreat was a two-day, one-night retreat at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The purpose of the event was to gather Interactors from all over the district who had an interest in a leadership position for the upcoming year. Through this event, interactors would have a fun bonding experience, participate in breakout sessions, games, a hands-on service project, and s’mores.

These events may be brought back in the future.

How do I register for District events?2018-10-14T00:25:56-07:00

To register for District events, click on the [“Events”] tab and choose the event you want to register for. On the event’s page, click on the “Register” button. Fill out the relevant information, pay online (if applicable), and you’re all set! If you are experiencing difficulties when registering for events, please contact your local District Delegate or reach out to District Council by submitting a contact form.

How do I pay for events?2018-11-28T00:06:44-07:00

If paying for your own registration, you may pay online on the event’s page or mail in a check to the below address. If paying with your local Rotary club, you may send your payment to your Rotary club and the Rotary club may pay online or mail in a check to the below address.

Interact 5160
5716 Highland Avenue
Richmond, CA 94804
Please include: a list of names of students you are paying for (first name, last name), the school, and event.

Do I need to fill out any permission slips to attend district events?2018-10-23T12:14:52-07:00

Yes, you or your parent/guardian will need to digitally sign a permission slip when you register to attend a District event. Attendees no longer need to bring physical copies of permission slips to District events.

What Area am I in?2018-12-03T12:47:11-07:00

Please visit the [“Clubs”] tab and you’ll find an interactive Gmap, complete with pinned Interact 5160 clubs. Here you will find a directory that sorts Interact 5160 clubs by area. There is also a table at the bottom of the page that shows which regions of Northern California correspond to what District.

Who runs an Interact Club?2018-10-14T00:29:32-07:00

Interact Clubs consist of three main groups: the Board of DirectorsInteractors/Members, and Advisors.

Title Association Role
Board of Directors Interact Club Oversee the operation of the club and provide opportunities for its members.
Rotary Advisor Sponsor Rotary Club Serve as the link between the sponsor Rotary Club and the Interact Club. This person often holds the position of Youth Services Chair within their own club and provides guidance to the Interact Club.
Faculty Advisor (if applicable) Host School Provide the link between the Interact Club and the host school. This person often provides additional guidance. This role is only applicable in school-based Interact Clubs (as opposed to community-based).

Within the Board of Directors there are several positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer). While these are Rotary International’s recommendations, clubs may add additional positions as they see fit (i.e. Logistics, Public Relations, Webmaster, Rotary Liaison, District Liaison, etc.). For example, some clubs within our district will add a new member to the Board of Directors for every 30-50 additional members.


  • Study the Interact constitutional documents.
  • Meet with the board of directors to plan club activities.
  • Appoint all standing and special committees with board approval, and serve as an ex officio member of all committees.
  • Appoint committee chairs based on their experience, and talk with them about their choices for committee members.
  • Meet with the outgoing president and board of directors to review the club’s records and discuss its current activities.
  • Decide which of the existing committees should be kept for the upcoming year, and consider ideas for new committees.
  • Conduct effective meetings by preparing a detailed agenda that outlines what will be covered and for how long, allowing enough time for reports from officers and committee members.
  • Plan creative programs for club meetings well in advance, and arrange for speakers, panel discussions, trips, and entertainment that appeal to a wide range of interests.
  • Delegate responsibility to help other members develop their leadership skills and to avoid getting overwhelmed with details.
  • Identify members’ skills and interests, and harness them in club projects. Work to ensure that the club’s activities and service projects are successfully promoted and carried out.
  • Attend Area meetings hosted by District Delegates to help coordinate local Area goals and Area events.
  • Maintain communication with District Delegates and presidents of other clubs in Area.

Vice President

  • Assist president in making executive decisions.
  • Succeed the president in the event of the removal of the latter for whatever cause.
  • In the absence of the president, preside at all meetings of the club and of the board.
  • Attend Area meetings hosted by District Delegates to help coordinate local Area goals and Area events.
  • Maintain communication with District Delegates and presidents of other clubs in Area.


  • Maintain all club records.
  • Record minutes of all meetings of the club and of the board.
  • If applicable, submit minutes to school’s club committee at a timely manner.


  • Oversee all club funds.
  • Provide annual accounting of club funds.
  • Make all disbursements under procedures determined by the board of directors.
  • Monitor fundraising progress throughout the year.
How do I start an Interact club?2018-11-28T00:09:16-07:00

Please click on the [“Join Interact”] button for an overview of how to charter a new Interact club.

I am a new leader and want more information on Interact 5160, what do I do?2018-10-14T00:33:05-07:00

Please submit a contact form below that corresponds with your question.

How can I update my club’s contact information?2018-10-23T12:20:53-07:00

Please submit a [contact form] under the “I need to update my club’s information” page.  Alternatively, you may contact your District Delegates with the updated contact information.

What are ways for me to stay connected?2018-10-14T00:30:15-07:00

Interact District 5160 is on social media in several places. We encourage Interactors, advisors, parents, and other interested Rotarians to follow/like us!

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