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Wildlife Conservation Society

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The earth’s wildlife faces an enormous threat to its biodiversity. Within the last 40 years, the Earth has lost 52% if its biodiversity. Within this time frame, the human population has nearly doubled. Due to global population growth and economic growth, our most precious species’ ecosystems are being damaged constantly. Founded in 1895, the Wildlife Conservation Society focuses on protecting biodiversity hotspots where many species are at risk of endangerment and even extinction. The Wildlife Conservation is established in 60 countries and targets 240 protected regions. Under its 2020 strategy plan, WCS aims to focus on these protected biodiversity hotspots and expand its conservation field programs at various zoos, aquariums, and natural habitats. With the help of both Interactors and Rotarians of District 5160, we can fulfill our goal to conserve the Earth’s biodiversity and protect our wildlife that are at risk!

  • Protecting 240 regions in 60 countries

  • Focusing on areas where 50% of the world’s biodiversity is located

  • Working since 1895

Total Raised

Interact District Council 5160 is proud to present [the 2016-2017] district project: PolioPlus. Polio, also known as poliomyelitis, is a highly infectious disease caused by a virus. The virus can be transmitted from person to person, or by a common vehicle such as, contaminated water or food. It invades the nervous system, and can cause total paralysis in a matter of hours. Over 350,000 people have been affected by Polio and while incurable, there are vaccinations to prevent the disease from spreading. [For 2016-2017], District Council 5160 [asked] you and your local Rotary Club to join our efforts to raise funds for PolioPlus. Your support [provided] Polio immunizations to children and families around the world and help eradicate Polio. If financial donations are not feasible, raising awareness about the PolioPlus would be appreciated.


Total Raised

[For 2015-2016], the Interact service project [was] One Million Lights, an organization based in Palo Alto, California. One Million Lights’ mission is to improve the daily lives of children and adults by providing clean and healthy lighting. Their first initiative is in the area of solar lighting, with a focus on education. They provide clean, safe, affordable solar lighting to rural communities around the world through their international distribution programs, made possible by partnerships and donations. These solar lights enable children to study at night and adults to extend their workday, all while eliminating carbon emissions, improving household health, and greatly increasing income savings.

  • Working to deliver 1000000 solar powered lamps

  • Helping eliminate kerosene lamps

  • Working in rural regions that lack electricity

[For 2014-2015], the Interact service project will be donating to a California based organization called the Camellia Network. With 80 foster youth aging out every day, the Camellia Network connects youth to individuals and companies that can provide much needed financial and emotional support. The Camellia Network was founded in 2010 by friends Isis Dallis Keigwin and Vanessa Diffenbaugh, the latter being a foster mother herself. In 2011, these two women, along with the help of early investors, launched a very successful pilot program, laying the groundwork for the soon-to-be Camellia Network. This organization provides foster youth who have aged out of the foster care system a unique way to connect to individuals and companies who can provide support and even career opportunities.

  • Helping over 273+ youth [as of 2014]

  • Providing services for aged-out foster youth

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Due to administrative decision, DC 5160 will not be promoting a district-wide service project for the 2018-2019 Rotary calendar year.