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Why should I join Interact?2018-11-27T23:59:03-07:00

Interact opens doors to a global network that facilitates action towards lasting change, surrounded and supported by Interacts that carry your same passion for service. Interactors are given the opportunities to grow in leadership, develop a global understanding of current issues, and nurture lifelong friendships. Additionally, Interactors gain valuable knowledge by working closely with Rotarians. Take the first step in your Interact journey with excitement and pride — you are already creating change in the world, community, and yourself!

Who sponsors Interact?2018-11-28T00:00:45-07:00

Interact is sponsored by Rotary International. Each individual Interact club is sponsored by a local Rotary club.

Which Rotary club is sponsoring my Interact club?2018-10-14T00:11:24-07:00

Please visit the [“Clubs”] tab to find a directory that sorts Interact 5160 clubs by area. Once you find your column, look at the column titled “Rotary Club” to find the Rotary club that sponsors your Interact club.

What Area am I in?2018-12-03T12:46:28-07:00

Please visit the [“Clubs”] tab and you’ll find an interactive map, complete with pinned Interact 5160 clubs, and a directory that sorts Interact 5160 clubs by area.

How do I find a Rotary club to sponsor a new Interact club?2018-10-14T00:11:42-07:00

When filling out the form below, make sure to check the box for “Finding a sponsor Rotary Club” under the question pertaining to what you would like help on. District Council will directly contact you with potential Rotary clubs that may be willing to sponsor a new Interact club.

The skills I learned, whether it was time management, event planning, or coordinating with people regionally was amazing, but the skills it gave me as a person truly changed my life. It gave me the confidence I didn’t have in myself back when I was in high school. It opened my eyes to a community that wanted to make a difference in the world. It gave me some of the best friendships and helped me create new ones. Without Interact or DC, I’m not sure who I would be today. It made my high school experience special and my only regret is that I wish I got involved with it sooner, instead of my last year of high school.”

Celine H, Interact Club of Clayton Valley Charter High School

In my experience, I learned that Rotary is an international organization that is much grander than it’s component Interact. I never realized how impactful and expansive Rotary is.”

Paige O, Interact Club of Ygnacio Valley High School

I originally joined because I really loved the way the organization of Rotary/Interact was done and I wanted to be a part of planning and organizing this amazing opportunity for students in my area. I ended up making several new friends, meeting many new people and most importantly [Interact] gave me a way to show my communication skills, which will help me later in my life for sure. I think that having Interact is a great way not only to get students involved in community service, but to come together and unite kids in order to achieve one certain goal, and I believe that Interact does this in a way that other clubs don’t.”

Vinny P, Interact Club of Dougherty Valley High School
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Getting Started

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  • Look over the Rotary International description of Interact, Interact Club Constitution, and Interact Club Recommended Bylaws as found on the Resources Page!

  • Find a couple of friends interested in starting a club with you.

  • Locate a potential sponsor Rotary Club (although preferred, it doesn’t have to be in your city). We have the connections to help you with that!

  • Decide if your Interact Club is going to be community or school-based. If you decide to go with school-based, find an interested faculty member (teacher) and be sure to check with your school’s procedures on starting a club.

  • Plan your club’s goals, potential service project ideas, and first meeting!

  • Advertise to your school or community!

  • Stay in touch with Interact 5160! We’ll let you know when new opportunities for your Interactors are available.


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